Feb 10, 2017


For the past month I've been teaching at a clinical placement for my PSW class. It's at a Long Term Care Facility for Vets. It can be physically heavy, and mentally trying when you're learning many aspects of a facility's “ways”. One of my goals is to teach them a good work ethic. They start at 7 so I've asked them to be there at 6:30. Teaching them my work ethic of being early, and not having to be in a rushed mental state at the start of their day. It will facilitate in learning to let life be for awhile so you can care for others effectively with an open mind. They all have a life that they live, and those lives are all shaped differently, but they all need to learn to set life aside in the same way.

They've been tired. They went from being in an afternoon class for 1 PM, to being on the bus by 5:45 AM; or leaving their house by 5:30 because they live an hour away. I've been tired. I have many things that need my attention, and some of them have time lines, and deadlines. I don't complain, and they've learned by example. You just do it.

They've experienced days they don't feel like getting out of bed. Everyone has those days, but they do it. They have had days when they felt like not going to the job they're holding down aside from going to school, but they go anyway. Their final NACC exam is in a month and they're tired of studying, but I know they study hard. They've excelled in every aspect of their course, and want a break, but they never slack off. They persevere.

Anyone can accomplish anything with the right people in their corner. The reassurance, and encouragement you hear gives you strength. The positive feedback, and constructive criticism of things you need to work on helps you grow. You can complete tasks you thought might not have been possible. Everyone was new at what they are great at, at one time or another. To become great takes perseverance, and it's easier to persevere when you have people in your corner that see that greatness in you. As an instructor I will always be in their corner. It's my job to give constructive criticism, and my job to show them that greatness is within them. From listening to a vet tell his story of a time he most often would rather forget, to wiping the lips that now needs assistance to eat. Listening, and doing, while at the same time caring within themselves about what it is they are there for. With perseverance they will be great at it, and always love what they do. I will always be in their corner, even after they graduate, because they will always persevere. I didn't get where I am today by giving up. Again, they have learned by example, and have persevered.

Perseverance is a life lesson, not just a lesson I'm diligently teaching my students. With perseverance you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

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